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ESO beta

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so.. who's up for the Elder Scrolls Online beta this weekend? :D


it starts Friday, February 28th at 12:00PM EST and ends Sunday, March 2nd at 11:59PM EST


you can still get a code



Edit: fuck. I posted this here instead in Gaming by accident. Can someone please move this to Gaming section?

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I loved it. It made me pre-order the game.


I heard people that weren't that impressed, and they were especially upset that it won't be free to play.


I've been an Elder Scrolls fan for over 10 years. I say it's worth the money, at least for me. Probably won't be able to play 12 months a year, but I do want to play it. The graphics are amazing. If you played Skyrim, it's similar to that.


Here are a few screenshots I took




PS: there will be one more beta until release so you can still sign up. or probably there are still codes people gave up on the internet that weren't claimed from the previous one because each person got an extra code for a friend


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