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25 years old, WOW!?!?!

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Local news is saying we should be celebrating 25 years of the WWW, The REAL Internet dates back to the 1960s used in Government, but along with Windows, Apple's advances in Telecommunication circa 1984, Mosiac, and other little Bits and Bytes... You could say the Internet as we use and know it spawns from WWW's earliest days in the Inter-connected computer terminals becoming a World Wide connection Network at the glorious speeds of 56K!

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I believe that the modern Internet, or the World Wide Web, came into realization around January 1, 1996. Prior to that, the Internet was primarily for academic research. From 1996 to 2006, I believe that the golden age of the Internet existed for everyone to gather information about things without being coaxed to buy stuff. From 2007 onwards, the social networking sites of the world took over along with the insurance sites, the eBays, the Amazon shopping sites along with other sites that contain neither free information nor purposeful information.


December 31, 1995 will forever be known in my memory banks as the last day of the pre-Internet era in the Westernized countries (Canada, United States, UK, Japan, Turkey and most of Western Europe). It was also the last day that I would go through a single day of conversation without mentioning the Internet to my closest friends.

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