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Help Translate our GTA Cheats app for iOS + Android


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Hey guys,


Within the next week we'll have a nice update out for our GTA Cheats app, which has become somewhat of a worldwide success thanks in part to the release of GTA V back in September spurring mass downloading of the app.


Because of this success, we now fairly frequently get requests and/or even negative feedback from users (many of whom are younger folks) who perhaps don't like, or simply are unable to understand English well enough to comfortably use the app.

We've analysed the stats, and while we can see the majority are using English, we can also see that approximately one third of users are on devices with their language set to something other than English. One third may not sound a lot, but when you take into account the several million downloads the app has seen, you realise this is a massive amount of people.


So to remedy this, we felt the best way would be to crowdsource translations from anyone and everyone who would like to help us out. There's over 400 phrases to translate (yeah, there's a LOT of cheats when you cater to EVERY GTA game!), so we don't expect anyone to translate everything themselves, we're hoping to find a handful of users for each language. So you can translate as much or as little as you like...

The more people who help out the quicker we can release updates with the translated files.


If you'd like to help us out we'd greatly appreciate it, we're using a site called OneSky to handle everything. To get started take a look at the quick instructions listed at http://on.tgtap.com/TranslateCheats


Any questions just post them here, also if you don't see your language listed there let me know what it is and I'll have a look if we have enough users to warrant it. If it's supported we'll probably add it in for you to help with. :)

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I'll be getting back into online GTA and RDR gaming forthwith. I had yet another automatic XBL payment for the month come out of my Paypal and I'm not even using the dang thing! Anyone up for some MP poker in RDR?!? hahaha I'll report on how I'm finding the updates and fixes at least par my own experiences.. Once I put some hours back in.


Sorry for a bit OffTopic on this considering it's dated by now. The focus on portable gaming is somewhat admirable but flawed in that the PSVita gets very little love these days, it should be outperforming the PSP but that product brought with it a lot of Gee Whiz excitement factor, not to mention two great GTA titles!


I would love if somewhat subtitled the RDR Mexican dialog in whole, somewhere transcripted

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