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As I've noted with just about 10 years spent online with GTAForums, controversy and animosity always follows me in the last half of those years as the staff running things has really not changed, so they're warning me, deleting postings and basically threatening me of a permanent ban that would not be reversed, however, avoiding such a fate seems only contingent on not posting anything, because, Honest to God, I don't know what sets these guys off.


They've accused me of accusing them of phantom persecution, but to me it's so obvious, you'd have to be blind not to see it.

I'll again screen cap the warning I got, however, to compare it to the posting becomes impossible because they've binned it, in other words, their moderation powers enable them to cover up the evidence that proves my case!


Complete bullcrap if there ever was, but to start a war or post angry rants here is not my real intent, and posting here in TECH is because that's where most of the Mods get uptight.


The topic I got a temp ban... THIS WEEK... Just last night in fact, ...



The OP actually gave a thumbs up on my response before it became non-existent, so glad at least it was helpful as intended for him!!


Now what exactly happened to cause a ban, beats me, but the warning from member/mod Sivispacem accuses me of posting something that doesn't make sense and may have no bearing on the above. It actually covered two items of current discussion from my point of view.

This is ALL it was intended to do, first, get to the point about how Andrew who last posted claimed an AMD64 x2 dual core CPU cannot be used to game with, completely WRONG answer. The only thing pitted against Intel Duel Core, going back to Pentium D was AMD's 64 bit line processors, in it's earliest days it whooped Intel's arse!! This is fact based on tech magazine reviews, look it up if you want to call me out on such things. Now, Intel came back and stayed there with their ever improving Core2 line, and now Nehalem as we've mentioned, but AMD64 covered Turion as well as a return to Athlon, and Phenom, where Phenom actually was the stronger contender.


The same can be said of Turion, a Celeron type budgetary processor, but as far as my use of Turion, I don't see a performance hit happening, but of course, Intel Core2 finally overtakes AMD since the Duel Core or Core Duo Centrino introduction for their mobile CPU lines.


The other point the OP asked was which OS to use, for gaming preferred, but you're likely to use your laptop for more then just that! On a budget, anytime, anywhere. TWO CORES are better then ONE.


I basically got the warning and temp ban based on covering a finding of mine I wanted to post in a Windows topic, so I included mention of how to remove the End Of Service for XP OS, it's found in the Windows System folder once it downloads with your annual updates, and keep in mind, you MUST download standard updates before they end, and get your XP up to date protection, etc.


Remove that EOS message as you'll spot it within the items of the folder, and if prompted to download it, obviously, decline the offer, it's an annoying middle of the screen pop up that you JUST don't need. 

Including that as a helpful note got me a week long ban, again, GTAForums threatening me and could threaten anyone for doing things their way, 

Bottom line is probably watch how and where you post, and be concise to the reply more for the OP then other posters in the thread. It's safest proceeding at GTAF if you follow that guideline when you post. They're pretty anal about the Tech chat, it's more of a help section then really discussing tech for fun.


SO GLAD Chris is allowing us leniency here, since it's sorely needed!!

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What we could do with is less anti-GTAF topics... :P


Seriously though, I skimmed through what you just wrote and yeah I'm not sure why a mod would remove it and yeah the section mods have been known to be extremely anal and/or selective about what/who they actually moderate, but complaining about it here won't do any good. Forums aren't really as democratic as they sometimes pretend to be, at the end of the day what goes is whatever the mods say. If you've been unfairly warned or had your comments deleted there's not really anything you can do about it, if it happens frequently then just accept that someone for some reason has a personal vendetta against you, and either deal with it and move on or just leave. It's most likely not worth fighting, it's just a videogame forum after all, this isn't real politics.


That said, appreciate the sentiment about us being more lenient. I'm a big fan of free speech and aside from obvious spam/porn/piracy etc. we're happy with letting most stuff go here, we realise in the majority of cases it's not causing problems for anyone so there's no reason to delete it. And being such a small and inactive forum now, nothing really has any far reaching effects we need to be worried about anyway.

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If you browse their Ask a Question (VERSION TWO) which, as an aside was started as a topic thread VERSION ONE by our webmaster Mike, aka PCGuytech_2005. That's the real fact, and nothing otherwise is the truth. Staff there, and Andrew was involved at the time, got upset over postings, kept locking and unlocking and then starting a new topic of the exact same subject... I tried to ask about why the temp ban, and someone who's been there even longer then me in 2003, he came out saying he felt a ban was not required, and of course, I agree, but that seems like being somewhat level headed, though he did say negative things about me.

That one page discussion with Otter remains on the thread, and not deleted, but it shows there's a lot of vitriol there!


The kind of responses you get in both topic threads is much the same, the quality of the people didn't change because a topic existed or vanished, what is severely lacking is REAL communication and understanding that NEEDS to take place to understand where people are coming from in what they post. Being allowed to reply in rebuttal is not a bad thing, pretending someone or something doesn't exist doesn't eliminate it. Erasing history to make your own doesn't negate the facts. The Nazi's did this during their reign of terror in the '40s. and I don't think drawing some similarities is too far out in left field.


The mindset seems the same at times. They place themselves as some supreme beings. Their site garners the most participants, and it just goes to their collective heads, that's all I can make of it. It's so senseless otherwise.


Oh, and Chris. We'd have thrown in the towel with GTAChronicles if we allowed ourselves to be trampled upon relentlessly by these type of other personalities. We're as much, if not more so, passionate about GTA and gaming in the current generation then anyone there. I know there are those who are more up on one aspect or another, and perhaps even better gamers or writers, but a forum is about gathering all the different USER aspects, and that is as important as it's ever been AMEN

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