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Temp Banned over n over


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Three times in about a week, another 3 days suspension for me at GTAForums, I have to get my side out somewhere, and it seems to me increasingly hostile mentioning these things at the forum itself. Hopefully you TGTAP guys can hear me out on this vent of sorts.


I made a video for YouTube as well, showing my screen view of the warning from one member who presides over Technology chat and dares to challenge my know how and says my comments have no bearing on the posted thread.

Same ole, Same Ole...really.

The thing is, it's easy to say what they want when their moderation and Led By powers allow them to have the final say, and DELETE anything we as members add.

Two guys over there in particular are challenging me with warnings all in the past month, and over all comments from other users in the form of positively "Thumbs Up" tagging a posting, since for me, PM is disabled I suppose with reasons staff have knowledge of and I do not.

They control their forum, Chris and his hired hands control this one, and me and Mike control GTAChronicles. You can see how that pans out, irregardless of how many people take part. The atmosphere in comparison of how people are treated seems vastly different to me, even over the YEARS that have elapsed. I still see the need for forums like this and GTAC.


Whoever opted to hire such *&$%#@heads for their moderating staff is a couple cans short of a six pack.

The posting that offended the Mod Gods was removed, but my video covers all aspects of it in narration, so people can come to their OWN conclusion about whether it's Off Topic, and the sad thing is, it's posted in a section titled boldly.. OFF TOPIC, so why can't we be, ??? For Godsakes?!?! Honestly, there's no reason to have these stress-fests. No reason at all.

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Why do you keep going back there when clearly the people who run the place have it out for you? Honestly not meaning to be insulting here, but you're acting like the obsessed ex-girlfriend and GTAF is the guy that you just can't accept wants nothing to do with you. You remember Margot from TBoGT? Well, you're her and GTAF is Luis.

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It's beyond me why you keep coming here just to complain about being banned in GTAForums and then unbanned or whatever, Slamman. Do you really feel the need to vent your "desperation" in other forums that are completely unrelated to GTAF just because you see them as tyrants? Jesus, just let go, and if you like it here, good, just don't come complaining over something that repeats for reasons that deep inside you know why they happen. It is a sign of weakness complaining about other things in other forums, it's exactly like your mum not letting you buy your favourite toy and then you run to your uncle crying telling them that your mum didn't let you buy it like that makes a difference.

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For the record, I did see in my notice that one point, at least from what I can tell (an offence mark at GTAForums I suspect) expired in June, that I got the past week or two before the permanent one. I really think it should still be reversed, I mean a life long ban, I'm the senior member of just about everyone there, but do you think their dedication to gaming or GTA will be stronger then mine? I don't think so, I think at some point they'll lose interest in gaming, or they'll become something they seem to abhor, an older gamer with no life, like me! hahahaha


I dedicate music that seems to encompass all I'm feeling about a situation or someone, and this one REALLY fits the bill in terms of those Holier Then thou moderators who make life hell, instead of fun.....



And for blowin off some more steam, nuthin' beats the Misfits classic, though more about a female's 'attitude' if the shoe fits...



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