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Your future with Xbox360 / PS3


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I posted earlier a thread about Windows XP, hoping you guys will tell us how you plan to keep using XP past it's expiration date, and this thread will serve the same for those still going with what they've invested in, Xbox 360 original or SLIM, and PS3 'Phat' original or slim.


I bought multiples as is somewhat well known. But I am debating selling my second repaired PS3 and buying another Xbox360 locally that's only being sold (pawnshop find) for $40 with no accessories, the only other system under $100 typically in the current used market is the PSP portables, old or SLIM versions again.


This happens naturally with new consoles and handhelds on the market. So, how long do you see for current past gen use to continue and be OK with that?


Originally I wanted a system straight away, and my folks gave me a Xmas gift of cash that I could have gone that route, but I opted to build a gaming laptop, but my lack of research there did cost me more money then I wished to spend. It pays to do a lot of homework when shopping for the best deal, You also don't want to sit on something when it appears, Once a deal comes to light, you have to react fast or it's gone!


PS4 and Xbox One are the new systems we'll keep seeing new gaming 'killer apps' coming to, perhaps, at first, some of the wind came out of the sails when the same title came to both old and new platforms

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