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GTAForums a thing of the Past


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I was just perma-banned (again) from GTAForums by moderator Moonshield. This was a result of linking my last fresh made topic into where I thought it should have resided, possibly, not just to bring the issue to discussion, but to rant about how a great injustice continues to prevail, and Moonshield gave me an instant 1000 points, apparently the maximum to qualify for a ban, if not in excess??


Well, what this means is true to my name, and previous status, I'm Blacklisted Bill to you guys, and I will continue to support my interests here and abroad, supporting Grand Theft Auto and Rockstar.


If you're curious about this great offence of mine, it was to try and create discussion about future Playstation support from Rockstar, including PS Vita and PS4 as well as GTA tie in exclusive, and to revive discussion about Agent.

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The reason I feel bad about posting things like rants here is you guys don't like reading about feuds, I don't like being at the center of them, but the truth is as I see it, what I would or could do to appease their moderating staff, and as the saying goes, only takes a few bad apples to ruin the whole bunch.


How in the Hell do you enjoy a game and it's associated fanbase forum discussion when there's relentless harassment as I suffered with?? I know there's problematic members, but if you can't tell them from me, you're in no position to moderate a damn thing!! hahaha


The only offense really is difference of opinion over semantics, I don't see the little nuances they try and lay down as some sort of law. For many years beforehand, they would get some complaints from other members, and the staff response was that I hadn't actually broken any rules that would mandate a ban. I did some basic No-nos starting out, like not editing posts properly and being overtly impatient about responses, bumping old, OLD threads, etc... but the reality is still, No Harm No Foul, and this means no harm was instigating in these practices

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I hardly ever post on either GTA fansites anymore. GTAForums mostly because some if not almost all of the members just "troll" like little children...and/or because they're no longer as active as they used to be. Like TGTAP, iGTA etc. Back in the day, TGTAP was amazing with activity. Lots of members on at one time. Some awesome people...but 10 years online is a long ass time. And true, TGTAP is still growing, but there's hardly any posts anymore. :(

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Well the topic is a bit harsh, there was 10 years I spent there in total, but I can't fault anyone I got along with, those who never tried to cause mental anguish. I've been online with GTAO, RDR Online less then a year when it became available, so I know even those experiences were amazing, but just not the same these days.


That's part of the reason I hope Rockstar don't sink all their time, people, money into Online, though I do think supporting it well at a bare minimum should be on the docket. That way you can take your time to explore the older games time and time again, if even for the first time in some cases.


Adding things can't continue ad infinitum since that clearly stopped with regard to GTA 4 and the DLC Episodes. The original augmentation of Red Dead Redemption as well, 4 installments of DLC IIRC, but basically moving on with new IP endeavors. Some or most we've yet to find out about.


I really wish they weren't so secretive trying to stay ahead of the Industry, I think it does pay off only in a minor way, other then keeping companies in the dark about their ideas for the future of gaming, assumed that ideas might be usurped.


As for GTAForums, I think the reason for the massive viewing activity and active members is because they got in on the Name Game that makes GTAF feel like a tie in directly with Rockstar Games, though there's no tie there at all.

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