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Beats Me, Mr Dre


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So, maybe you've heard that Doctor Dre has decided, seemingly sell his company with Interscope Records Jimmy Iovine's partnership formerly with Monster Cable's Noel Lee and son, who spent over a million dollars and nearly 60 prototypes coming up with Beats headphone designs, now to APPLE, along with their music service it's believed most interests Apple with it's lucrative hands on iTunes marketplace saturation??


Well, I'd like you guys to sound off, so far, it's a laugh worthy argument talking about overpriced goods for 'looks' or status, and Apple's pricing policies. Keep in mind that Apple was going it alone in the PC market, forging new paths and kicking open doors. Both Dr Dre and Monster were originally looking at a Speaker marketing deal, but moving to headphones because of the supposed Hi Fi market for speakers seemingly tapped.


I still think PC speakers or smaller surround solutions still have a market share to exploit. Surround is much more a part of everyone's life in terms of the tech making it all possible. Noel's idea at Monster was to propose a new surround audio solutions for product sales, but what I read didn't specifically suggest surround headphones, but there are only a few tapping this market as well. It's debateable how much there's a market for them, but I have interest rather recently based on a DAC I got that's paired to a cheaper 5.1 surround headset.



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