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In Honoring the late Elmore Leonard

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I came upon Elmore Leonard in the mid 1980s when Glitz and 52 Pickup the MOVIE came out, based on his 1974 novel originally. Hard to believe it was so old based on the video and technology age that proceeded to follow the early 70s, (from 75 onward was the real explosion of computers and video) and the blackmail involved video evidence. It was breaking new ground in that regard, perhaps, as well.


Elmore died summer 2013, but I'd just gotten through my own marathon of FX' TVs JUSTIFIED based on Elmore's Fire in The Hole as well as his own involvement in the series, up to his death




A chance for you to rediscover what makes his writings so ripe for adaptation, use a new fangled eReader, or pick up an original novel he penned. You'll likely see why even Stephen King showed his admiration, among others. He truly knows how to keep you turning pages!




TV movie adaptation with Markie Post of Night Court fame and Jimmy Smits of LA Law fame, at the time.



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