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GTA Online: The High Life Update Now Available


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The latest free update to Grand Theft Auto Online is available for both Xbox 360 and PS3 users, you'll be prompted to update next time you start the game. The High Life update offers a whole load of new features and bug fixes. We mentioned these in last week's news post but in case you've forgotten, below is a brief summary of the changes. You can also head over to the Rockstar Newswire if you'd like to read what Rockstar themselves have to say about this new update. Also, if you are absolutely insane, or just love reading stuff, you can check out the full massive list of changes in patch 1.13.

  • 5 brand new high-end apartments
  • Ability to own two apartments simultaneously
  • 4 new vehicles - Enus Huntley S (SUV), Dewbauchee Massacro (Sports), Pegassi Zentorno (Super) and Dinka Thrust (Motorcycle) - these will also be available in Story mode
  • 1 new weapon - Bullpup Rifle
  • Non-contact option for racing!
  • New mental state stat for your character.
  • New wardrobe options, vehicle horns and player toasts/celebrations as well as 15 new Jobs - including 5 new Contact Missions
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Read a number of comments coming in some 11 hours after fans had been experiencing all it's glory aka Headaches and complaints a plenty. A few adamant that this is the worst DLC to date from Rockstar, that the game is bogged down with freezing and possible anti-griefing measures for more fair online playing is seemingly backfiring. The rooftop mission and perhaps another being a major letdown.


I don't know of it first hand since I'm offline with my consoles still, but it seems the majority of feedback is mighty upset over this latest 'improvement' The only thing they seem to like is having more property, and in the same, more cars I suspect, though I didn't read a lot of comments thanking Rockstar. We'll see how they react if there's yet again a major backlash against GTAO as usual.


It's such a massive task to make GTAO the main game, at the moment, Rockstar just seem to have bit off more then they can chew.


Rockstar will say more tomorrow about the upcoming Weekend Event planned to exploit the new DLC, however, while I was there commenting and reading Newswire, the tone was rather ugly, and most vocal about reversing some of these changes, if not re-working them to better advantage

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Want details about the High Life? Check out the features and estimation of money, on the high life update here.



GK's capture contest has came to a ending, with a winner crowned  "Ranger Verified" and emerging victorious. Find out who has creativity and victory here.



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I was checking out a Rockstar Contest winner's YouTube vBlog and surprisingly was carried on someone else's channel!

They were opening a 'care package' sent to them with assorted goodies, one of which I'd already seen issued long ago with GTA San An, the black and white bandana, must be overstock they have to unload. He seemed overtly excited to get a stuffed Chop dog too!! hahaha And those 'R' stickers, tons of them, he nearly had a heart attack over that! hahaha

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