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The Lone (loner) Gunman

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Is the next rampaging mass murder yet another act of someone ostracised by suiciety (a play on words a friend's band coined) This latest California shooting points to a young man who took to venting publically but not nearly well enough to be legally stopped. Let's here some thoughts and opinions on this latest case of violence in the Real World?




It relates to how in some long standing respects, GTA and gamers in general are thought to be desensitized and don't understand how to conduct themselves properly in the Real World. I'm afraid there's some truth even in what we don't wish to hear or acknowledge. My stance is to be a voice for what is right among the gaming community, rather then let the naysayers win in saying one form of entertainment or social distraction should be the scapegoat of blame.


Hopefully you'll take that stand with me!


Though no blame on this particular case points to video game addiction, it's always something one might think about in passing due to the blighted past of such things. Social outbursts of directing anger in the completely wrong way.

Dealing with troubled individuals will continue to plague society so just putting people in jail or ignoring them won't solve the hard issues

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