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Untold Legendz - GTA Online - Combat Montage - MAY - 1080p HD

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UTL is debuting with a massive combat compilation including close range combat, TDM, King of the Hills Crown holder, R* livestream and jets.
We are a competitive TDM clan/crew. Ranked 62nd in the world with only 8 members. Our 8 members are the best of the best (auto aim) players there are. As a crew our overall K.D ratio is over a 1.64, with over 3,500 death matches played, and 3,200 of them won, over 160,000 kills AS A WHOLE CREW, of 8 players!! Our crew vs crew record is 36-0. We don't count wins towards our record if it is a random crew that we get 30+ kills on.
If you wanna join UTLx 1.You have to 1v1 UTLxKing Vitzy and get at least 10 kills but keep him under 20. 2.You must strive to wanna learn, because we individually train and show our members everything we know. An there's a lot to know when you have to be the best #UTLx 3. When your skill meets requirements, you will have two weeks to change your GT to have a UTLx prefix. We want you to look unified and pro.
------------UTLx is the best. UTLx Only excepts the best.
UTLxKing Vitzy (Leader) 1,500 Deathmatch wins and 278 losses! UTLxDizzy (2nd In command) 780 W and 130 Losses! Want to become the best, be apart of the best? 1v1 and try out.
Contact me on xbox live. Gamertag: UTLxDizzy YouTube Channel: UTLxRwande /  UTLx- Untold Legendz. Want To Be On top? Be here!

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