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VIDEO TUTORIAL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_0ByhnXWwRY&list=UUZ_oSd5aOcYdxaOF18bFAPQ


Here today I will share with you all a new duplication glitch in GTA V Online after the 1.14 patch.

This glitch is very simple and easy and does not require a lot to preform, however you do need somebody to do it with you. This glitch allows you to duplicate any car off the streets without a tracker. This does not seem like a super effective glitch at first, but when you take a high selling stock vehicle like the Ocelot F620 and fully customize it to the best you can it will sell for a lot. Once you duplicate the vehicle you can either give the copy to your friend or sell the copy to gain a profit. The only downside is this glitch does not bypass the 45 minute wait in between selling vehicles, so you will need to wait before repeating the process. I hope you all enjoyed and tell me how it worked for you.

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Don't post the same stuff in multiple sections, even if it's a different link, cheating is not admirable by my game playing standards.

Also, edit a post when you're making it to include all different sources and links. Again, not one thing per post, per section that all can go in one post, it's just spam otherwise

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