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Underdog GTA IV Myth

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I been looking on GTA Myths Wiki and I found a little something called the Moto-Man.



Apparently, there is a pedestrian who always wears an orange helmet that randomly walks around the Wash N Lube car wash in Willis. If you fire at this man, or even aim at his head, he will either vanish, or kill you instantly. Very interesting if you ask me. We need myth hunters on this. They say it's very rare to find him as well. There's only one photo of him in existence, taken in The Lost and Damned.



I also heard about a sasquatch myth called the Bigfoot of Bohan on that site. A sasquatch in the park in Bohan with the little lake that stalks the player at night time. I felt I needed to spread the knowledge of these myths.


Here's a link to the site: http://gta-myths.wikia.com/wiki/Moto-Man

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Speaking even as a regular lurker of the GTA Myth Wiki, I'd take a lot of what they have on there with a grain of sand, and not just because it's a wiki either. I get the impression that some of the "myths" detailed on there are simply made up by editors there with no in-game evidence to back them up. Giant alligators in the sewer, stampeding elephants in the streets, and the aforementioned Bigfoot of Bohan, for example. There's even a forum topic there suggesting that the gas stolen by Michael/Trevor/Franklin in preparation for the Vangelico heist is zombie gas. :rolleyes:


Don't get me wrong, the GTA Myths are fun and investigating them has added countless hours of enjoyment to the games for me, but some of them just sound too ridiculous and outlandish to have any in-game basis.

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