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GTA 5 Online Solo Money Glitch Patch1.15

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Hey All


This is one of the easiest Money Glitches i have seen in a long time and you sell cars for full price with no 45 minute wait 20 Million An Hour EASY


Step By Step Guide

1.Start In Your Garage have as many Elergys as you want and a car your doing this glitch with

2.Make sure its night time and drive out and find a Hooker or Lady Of The Night

3.Pick her up by beeping the horn and drive her to the location shown in the video and make sure both doors of the car are blocked

4.Shoot your gun until she is scared this will stop her from getting out of the car

5. you get out and kill her you should glitch out of the car if done correctly

6.Drive into your apartment. Then go to the blue circle and select the car with the Hoker in and then select an elergy.

7 You now have 2 Adders.

8. drive out and back in again for every Elergy your going to turn into an Adder.

9. Sell them 1 at a time GET RICH


Full Guide

  Edited by MrCaffiene82

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