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Grand Theft Auto V Now Available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One


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The day all new-gen consoles players have been waiting for is here, and by now most of you are probably already busy playing the game. GTA V is now officially out for the PS4 and Xbox One consoles. If you still haven't decided if you want to upgrade, or aren't sure why you should, check out the following links for more information.
Trailers & Video Clips:
Launch Trailer | PS3 to PS4 Comparison | First Person Experience | A Picket Fence and a Dog Named Skip | Announcement Trailer
Grand Theft Auto Online:
GTA Online Census: The Story So Far | Getting Ready for the Next Generation in Los Santos | What's in Store for GTA Online
Also Check Out:
Over 90 Screens from the PS4 and Xbox One Versions
Details on Exclusive Content for Returning GTAV Players

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I saw the TV ad air during the lead up to the last TWO episodes of THE WALKING DEAD via AMC cable network. I've been trying to coax conversations about the best cable shows, at least that I have access to.


A key to that now is being able to watch cable, for many years I didn't have the luxury, With option to budget cable for music channels, and getting movie access as well, it's effectively dug into my gaming online and offline time, so that's kinda sad, but there's always SOMETHING worthy on cable, whether entertainment or educational, and On Demand makes it that much easier.


My plan is to get the PC version of GTA V first, since it's likely to trump both new consoles in best POWER options. This is something everyone should give thought to, if you're unable to buy more copies then one additional. I paid a premium to get my own PS3 version, and here's PS4, there's a lot that comes with that, besides the game, I'd been reading IGN's Naughty Dog 16 page online article detailing their history, it's so engrossing and informing, you see just what happened with PS3, transition from PS1 and 2 and now to 4, it's all detailed from the interviews of Naughty Dog, augment that with Rockstar's own detailed problems with GTA to PS3! (Rockstar required Sony technicians they joked about had come in wearing white lab coats!! ....to address the complicated development for GTA4 on the Playstation 3, and the hold up for both consoles at that time)


There's a historical lineage at work here. My attempts early on were getting both PS2 and PS3, and Xbox360 used, at a bargain, buying broken units with attempts to repair, I'd still do this practice, but don't enter into that blindly, I detailed the pitfalls and there are plenty of others doing the same. YouTube alone is a vast resource for do it yourselfers. (if you buy broken units, the main thing to go after is two units to mate, with different issues between them. That way you mate all the good parts, it's cost effective and straight forward.


So I mention all that because just like before, the most powerful game machines that afford the complete libraries are the ones you'd want to own in theory, to cover your gaming desire bases. 

That's why I'm likely to go PS4 and then Xbox One, however, prices are STILL shifting at various outlets for new and slightly used (pawn shops)


Keep up to breast on that via the gaming news sites. I'd seen one I can't recall right now, but detailed the pricing objectives for the two competing consoles in the past year for Sony and Microsoft.

What I hope TGTAP members can do is shed some light with hands-on reports from both console camps.

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