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[PS4] [Open Crew: AthenaEU] Looking for players to race with in full lobbies!

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Hi all!


I am looking at getting loads of people together to race with. 

At the moment I only seem to race with 4 people max when joining a race. What I am looking to do is to get everyone into a crew (as many as possible) and then Ill send an invite to everyone in that crew when I am on to race!


I stream at www.twitch.tv/stimohd so you can see when I am online and on GTA.


My psn is 'stimo' so feel free to add me.


My open crew is called 'AthenaEU'. Anyone is welcome to join but I will only really be hosting race playlists. Hopefully activity is great and we can then test the 30man races!


Lets make this work! 

Join now to be invited next time!


*Most evenings ill be on!*

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