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LG resto projects


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I've never been a real fan of LG, which is in previous decades known as the same company Goldstar. Goldstar in the gaming world made their own version of the 3DO, Panasonic's expensive $600 console, Goldstar offered a different take on the same hardware, and I thought it a better version, but wound up selling mine.


LG these days is in every consumer electronic market, just by chance, and likely because of that fact, I took in two disposed units in the past year, one I mentioned last winter, a 47inch HDTV, took me nearly a year to get the Mainboard that's a correct match, and prior had bought two power boards at $40 each, so that and a wrong mainboard put the repair cost ultimately at $165, still well under most 45 to 50 inch used flatscreens.


Just want to pass along, these internal boards are rather easy to obtain online, the GLASS TFT panel used on the front, once cracked or broken in anyway, it's near to impossible once above 20 inches, screens 32" and larger just don't have a resource for surplus screens. You're REAL lucky if you can find one and the price that's reasonable, 


My research has turned up one seller, their supply is namely 42in HDTV front panels, they run up to $350. In some cases, close to $400 USD, once you're able to find a screen at that price, you're already in the range of used sets on the market. You have to weight the idea that you can replace your screen and save the rest of the set, which should work just fine.

My second found big screen, HiSense has all working internal parts, so my problem is whether to part out these internals or wait for a 50 inch panel to show up. This is aggrevating because so far I've gotten no good references from other parts sellers. Most say they'd trash such a set, which is what consumers tend to do, throw $500 out the window because the screen was cracked and thus, the image is altered in a major way. 


The other LG I took in was a DVD RW combo VCR which can do dubbing from inputs, or DVD to VHS, and VHS to DVD.

Been working on that for a week now, extensive testing with what I had on hand, a DVD RW SATA drive which did not work as hoped, it was a close mate, but because of the circuit requirements, it won't mate. I believe the combo's larger circuits accounting for simplified disc authoring, where no software or OS is required, is the main reason you can't easily swap the same brand but different drives.  I did find a parts seller offering the laser mechanism for only $40 USD, this is rather reasonable given the expense of typical recorder drives.


I shot plenty of videos, often too many, during the testing and repair project, but thought to pass the info along to you geek types here, since the proliferation of these devices on the used market, where once DVDs found in the Goodwill were a luxury, now are very much common place (Goodwill Easterseals may not exist where you are, but it's a thrift store helping people with disabilities get back on their feet and find work.)

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My LG 47 inch is now up and operational, and my ordered remote came in.


Sorry for the double posting, but this is to report that the LG HDTV for computer graphics and gaming is a worthy experience to report on for those interested in it's performance, and the use of large screen television for gaming via PC or console.


This LG is reported via Everest to be made in January of 2009, A bit old, but one can't complain. Cost me less then $200 to repair, and could have cost me around $100 if I'd had the patience from the outset of the project. 


Anyway, Component for Xbox works great, PC via DVI to HDMI and the TV's various inputs show that there's no user direct control of resolution modes, other then widescreen framing.

The imaging of GTA IV, the earliest generation of HD gaming from Rockstar gives you an idea of imaging resolution based on each console and connection type. My YouTube channel will highlight some recordings of the findings, it might be somewhat hard to tell, the best I can shoot video in is 720P 


The '47LG50' model TV I took in and repaired may not allow resolution setting via menu, but the inputs can be informed what resolution to present at via their source, what I was getting at above, so as not to be confusing, resolution is set from your console's menu, the inputs AUTO DETECT sources connection and will retain memory of the setting you chose, so that's the plus side, the TV side allows audio and video advance adjustment of hue into it's various RGB components and more, however, sometimes the presets with slight alteration offer a great experience as is without major adjustment options. In the Advanced menu you have color temps and AUTO custom modes, though I remain unimpressed, the original TV's list was $1365 according to online sales data.

Having spent about 2 weeks now with it, at least a solid week, using cable and terrestrial/local sources, I can tell you I'm not disappointed in LG at present. Still I would favor 1080P as advertised on the set's bezel, be allowed from the set menu. I'll see about still photos as well, and I'd like feedback on your experience with big screen gaming, have you, for instance, suffered a case of 'burn in'??

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