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Precision Roleplay - GTA 4 LCPD:FR Roleplaying Community

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What do we have to offer?


We have much to offer here at Precision Roleplay. To start, we have our very own mod pack with hand picked mods from our developers. You’ll never get bored! We have new packs with new mods, vehicles, vehicle skins, peds, and more every few weeks! We have various divisions to choose from as well which stretches the limits of what you can do here at PRP.


What do we do?


We patrol, protect, and server Liberty City. We are professional when we need to be and fool around when it’s time to -- Well... fool around. We offer many divisions including Dispatch, Fire, Police, and many more! We parol every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday on a normal schedule.


What divisions do we have?


===In-Game Emergency Services===

=Liberty City Police Department=





=Fire Department Liberty City=

-Rescue Squad-

=Liberty City EMS=


=Liberty City Dispatch=


===Administration Departments===

=Internal Affairs Unit=

=Training Dept.=

=Media Dept.=

=Technology Dept.=


Who can join?


  • Must be 13

  • Must have a clear Microphone

  • Must have a legal copy of GTA 4 PC (Dispatch discluded)

  • Must use TeamSpeak 3

  • Must be willing to help out and be kind


Recruitment Process:


  1. Apply

  2. You will receive an E-Mail

  3. If accepted, you join TeamSpeak 3 server

  4. You will be shortly interviewed

  5. If you pass the interview stage, you will be given your Probationary Member tag

  6. Proceed to be trained in the Dept. you’d like to join


Additional Information:

Website: www.precisionroleplay.org

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Precis_Roleplay

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/PRPGamingGroup/featured

Our Policies/Manuals:




Justin B. (Director)

[email protected]

Justin H. (Deputy Director)

[email protected]

Tanner T. (Asst. Director)

[email protected]

Internal Affairs

[email protected]


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