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Seth Rogen, James Franco - Movie CANCELLED


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The Interview,

comedy - satire

Sony Pictures

Cyber hacking supposedly brought about from promotion of the above film, much of Sony's electronic data was breached again, this time no word on PSN being targeted, but this angers me in the same way, hackers are supposedly Korean but no direct ties to the North Korean leader who was the 'target' of the film's plot. Now it's not like this wasn't done before, hello fans of South Park? Bigger, Longer, Uncut.?!?! Does World Police ring any bells? It was puppets instead of live action, could that be why it was taken for what it was?




Anyway, The word out earlier was that New York were taking the most precaution for theatrical showing threats, but Sony is reportedly pulling the plug on any showing and 'erasing' records of the film, overstepping the cautious line where it appears they are caving in COMPLETELY to terroristic demands by this Cyber-criminal hacking group. The fact remains Terrorists of any stripe should NEVER win the day!


I'm a movie, game, music fan, for years and years, and this just angers me completely. Sony isn't really an American company if you recall it's Japanese origins, but Hollywood in the USA is highly effected by such decisions.

It seems to me in a geopolitical sense, this is about the politics between China, Korea, and Japan. The USA policy would be to heighten security around theaters as known the showing of the film would be the target, and people around those areas under the threat made.

Also, Sony won't allow online viewing of the film, say via Netflix or other streaming services.



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The movie will eventually get released. Once the world forgets about Dim Kim II's empty little hissy fit in a few months and moves on to more important matters, it'll get a quiet DVD and streaming release.


hackers are supposedly Korean but no direct ties to the North Korean leader who was the 'target' of the film's plot.


BS, they're his puppets and anyone in the world with half a brain knows it.


It seems to me in a geopolitical sense, this is about the politics between China, Korea, and Japan.


No, it's just the typical grandstanding we always get from NK. Dim Kim I made similar "threats" when Team America came out, yet nothing ever happened.

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I got my source from ABC morning news, then my mom told me (in a later call) that President Obama had responded, even saying Sony should have conferred with him, that might not have occurred to any American business, but the relations of foreign countries and business is a vital part of the Nation.

SNL, Saturday Night Live today has responded with an opening sketch by non other then Mike Myers as Doctor Evil, and even an excellent though depressing to me, poke at Laserdisc, putting the format down from my perspective. Home Theater peeps like me collected formats not only because we're tech fans, but to support formats in our library.


Dr. Evil had several things to say to North Korea, and I can't show Copyrighted stuff like NBC so hoping if you're keen on it and missed it, you can find a source somewhere. Sony CEO was on CNN saying they would look for a channel to release the film, but still being mindful of liability to fans and that the threat had caused theater owners to refuse to show the film. One person on TV proposed the movie come to DVD and BluRay without theatrical runs, and the idea it could still make money, not the same amount as a theatrical run, I'm sure.


This situation could still develop into some sort of war or threat from North Korea, who now propose to work with the US in finding who's responsible and that they would act harshly toward some sort of conviction, but if the US refused to take that offer, they would still threaten some retaliation in a veiled threat as Obama had suggested repercussions for Cyber hacking. This is something that's always been a threat of a World Wide Network of computers.

Also mentioned that all Sony computers would be rendered useless by this terrorist organization, that could mean Sony Playstation as well as Vaio computers!!


@Trevor P, I don't concur with your findings, I watched a number of sources on this subject now, and you can clearly see not everyone like you is writing this off as 'crazy' threats with no reality to them, it's REAL in a REAL WORLD and these people won't change their ways easily, the best cases so far has been Iran and Cuba, but there's still misgivings, ISIS aka ISIL is very much a threat, as has been Russia. The Geopolitics I refer to is the Countries outside the US relations to each other having a very real bearing on what we're seeing.

RE" Kim Jung Ill, Team America certainly was the same type of Satirical comedy that would be offensive to those under it's gun, but it's also comedy and freedom of expression. My mom thinks that Kim Jong Ill was not as attuned to USA culture as his son, but I do think she got that wrong, as you pointed out, but North Korea hasn't had any paradigm shift since his death

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