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(Xbox360 (Cheap) Recovery Service


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 This is an online recovery service, not a lobby service. I will need your account information in order to complete the service. Do not ask me to invite you or post your gamertag on this thread.

To Xbox one users: I can only mod your character if you have not yet transferred your characters to the Xbox One.

Recommendation: Rank 200 and 400 million cash. Stay as safe as possible. clear.png

Paypal: If you choose to pay via Paypal, let me know and I will send you payment instructions.
US Gift cards: You will have to send me the code(s) through a Private message (Pm). They can be purchased here.


- Xbox Live Account details.
• Microsoft Email address:
• Microsoft Password:

- Verification Step / Account Security Details.
• Active Phone Number Tied to the Account:
• Active Email Tied to the Account:

- Desired Package.
• 1st or 2nd Character:
• Name of Package:

- Payment Method.
• PayPal Payment:
• Xbox USD code:

Note: All conversations will be through TheGTAPlace's private messaging system because I'm guessing those are the rules.

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I believe this just with the mention of banning by Microsoft, wholly unsupported by Chris and this forum, with the graphic page advert, I'm not on staff, but would report such postings, as well asking for somewhat private XBL information that could be used against the original owner, to the best of my knowledge, is risky and suspect as well.


Making money by sharing information and assets you may have isn't 'illegal' really, but it's also spamming up a forum board for regular discussion about gaming and news/entertainment subjects. This isn't Craigslist or eBay open selling and transaction marketplace. I'd like for everyone to keep that in mind, We'd rather come on here and read real people's thoughts, just as Twitter and Facebook provide in a more general fashion.


When you say XBOX 360, you refer not to Playstation 4, Xbox One or XBLive, so the title implies you do Red Ring of Death or E74 hardware error repairs, which is welcome but also not the marketplace for here on The GTA Place FORUMS, not CLASSIFIED AD section or 'SERVICES'.

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