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IT'S T-REVOR TIME! Little 5 star rage and escape

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You refer to the 'bad' robber from the film HEAT with Al Pacino, just FYI for those who don't know.


I find it funny that the most active postings are either related to MODs or CREWs. do you guys do anything else? Anyway, I've been paying for Xbox Live Online most all of 2014 with no use of it liberally as in the past, the main issue has been that I felt out of the loop since I was playing solo for the most part, the gangs and people I played with online switched their own operations so I lost track of what they were doing and when, usually they'd be playing RDR online or GTA online but new games came along and other online options, Netflix, etc.


It feels like the real people I know in life, where they left to do their own thing, and the fun times seem a thing of the past. It's been harder in XBL or PSN to get with a group for an extended stay, I hope I can have some fun times like that again. I doubt it though, it seems I had some REAL fun times that would be hard to replicate in the future.


Hope we hear of new Red Dead Redemption.Revolver followup in 2014! Doing that online segment fresh would be a kick in the pants!

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