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GTA V sales Continue with pending PC release


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Someone, nearly a week ago, at GTAForums posted a link they found with VGChartz stating the millions of sales thus far on PS4 and Xbox One next generation consoles, out for a short while now, and the delayed version for PC coming early this year.


That post did see comments on the variance of Xbox Microsoft platform sales, Playstation 4, and the probability that pirates might crack and distribute free versions to those indiscriminate PC platform users who undermine game development and directly effect the actual cost of games to make and to buy.


One person says he'll never understand those who triple-dip, well, my friend Rob also has wondered about double-dipping for home video releases long ago, it's something Star Wars fans have also been vocal about because in cases where a single product saw re-release, it was often done better and different in such a way that it was enticing the fan of the product to upgrade, to collect the definitive version or other rationale.


In the case of GTA, you might prefer having all the versions for whatever you own, I often think this way based on being so engrossed in the game, whether it's Naughty Dog or Rockstar or some other top grade production powerhouse, their offering is usually good enough, but I did get burned buying a PS3 copy just after getting the collectors edition for Xbox, paying $150 or so just for two copies of the same game! It can be crazy, but for me, it was a first time event, I don't think I'll be that enticed again, at least to spring for a collector's edition.


I would have and still do, prefer a t-shirt to a GTA hat that came in the deluxe box. You didn't get too much in comparison to what's now being offered as DLC style improvements and upgrades, however, you can sound off with your own opin on this as well.



One of a number of articles talking about GTA V's 2015 impact, most Anticipated Title just to kick off this year of releases! That alone will be interesting, also someone gave rise to thoughts again of a GTA VI, can it be a project underway this year (wouldn't at all expect a GTA6 release in 2015!)

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