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'Gamergate' on Colbert


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This article was linked to the earlier one I posted, two on the subject of real life character archetypes ...if that's the right word.

I prefer games that represent REAL world places and things, transport methods are more important to me then how many or what type guns, but variety is ALWAYS the spice of life, virtual or otherwise! hahaha




Anyway, express your thoughts on Gamergate...2014 a worse year then previous ones? Is online gaming becoming worse too?


Are the creative arts of Interactive video games stifled and dated in their stance in terms of developers mindset as the technology and game design improves all the time?


I do recall with the advent of GTA IV that Sam Houser said a few things also worth mentioning to add to the ongoing and future discussion. We're doubtful to hear from Rockstar Games especially, but it would be helpful and nice to hear how their opinions and feelings have changed from a creative aspect, As we do hear from a contingent on Newswire report about fan mail, that being artistic treatments and game produced tributes. This is nice acknowledgement but it still lacks the creative staff feelings on current game design, and we've no idea who's actually looking and picking user items to feature. Those who craft the games do engage in Developer Online competition events with select users, but this also doesn't offer a more serious interaction with gaming fans and community.


That's why I hope GTA forum discussions can center on the gaming life - aspect, away from the console, PC and controller. How is your gaming life, outside of GTA and away from Xbox, Playstation, or PC? In other words, how do you approach entertainment gaming in your personal life. How does the product compare with prospects for current and future games, are your let-downs or gripes minor ones or not?


In the above threats on women or female gamers, I find that immensely more detestable then killing prostitutes in GTA and getting your money back, this example is SO DATED, it originated with the success of Vice City on PS2 hardware!!

It also came after a strongly established presence on PC and console with the first 3D GTA, GTA3


Point here is, I'm sure you can't feel accepting of all you've seen relating to GTA controversy or actual personal gaming activity. 

Well, not to get too far away from the subject in one thread, I feel to mention again that Sam Houser stated about GTA's advances and controversies, that for the record, he said no children in GTA was something they agreed upon in-house, feeling a need to draw the line in the sand, however, depicting, then, in GTA V, torture tactics that were all too blatant, I feel that steps backward from such a stance. As said earlier. Sam Houser also mentioned that there was a need for reality with a game based on it's subject matter, and many observed this keenly when it's chief competition, Volition's Saints Row began a move in direct opposition to GTA style gameplay, while offering a theme consistent with it's origin to maintain what it was, it's identity, however, it's lost fans like me who don't like Everything AND the Kitchen Sink thrown into one game to offer fans a bit of anything and everything. 


To me, GTA as environment and a fairly linear and true to reality storyline is what ingratiates itself with me as a gamer. However, I want the morals as represented in the game and in gaming to also have the same weight they do in reality, and by that I mean not to just put them 'under the gun'. Offer them as fodder for mere jokes or as something to attack.

The REAL WORLD themes should have direct relation to what they represent, and this added something meaningful to GTA IV as articles at the time also discussed, I remember it well, because the writer of one such article stated the obvious contradiction of a game based on crime to have a moral choice for players, but how can it do this effectively? It's still a learning process I feel, but I also think GTA IV handled it fairly well considering it was trying new things not done in gaming that I know of.

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