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Techspot; GeForce recent landmark GPUs


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Now, to note, I had missed this article prior, but brought up some info I'd culled from setting up a gaming laptop noted elsewhere, on a budget. You can note in this article the prices cited for each card....




With Fermi and successive hardware advancing for nVidia, I don't think any of these card choices would be a poor one, however, they suggest a TI version of the new series listed in the article is due for next year, that would be THIS year now, of the latest Geforce (I assume not all desktops and mobile graphics cards share the same name, and this seems true for the ATI Radeon HD5470 which is geared for laptops primarily, if only). The Fermi was a well received graphic chipset technology, as was the 8800 Geforce before it, that card was a re-think of past GPU tech for nVidia and the lower 8 series came out after the 8800 Ultra came to market as the showcase example. You'll note both GF6200 and GF8400 are making the rounds in newer released cards.... In some places. Very entry budget minded, but still covering the advent of Shader Model 3.0. Direct X 9, so many older games should work good on those, or at least offer you the ability to run them! 


Techspot looks at ATI vs NVidia in a new online article as well, check back to their site for more interesting stuff

Also noted in my Asus ROG build, the mobile graphics cards I found were not cited in the above, but should fall closely in line.

The World's Fastest GPU when introduced; ATI HD 5870 Radeon and the Geforce mobile 460m GTX

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