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GTA Online Heists Arriving 10th March, GTAV PC Delayed AGAIN


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Do we really need to say anything more?
It's getting beyond a joke now but here we are, Rockstar have once again given us some dates for the release of GTA V on the PC, as well as heists for GTA Online. Some fans have been quick to point out that Rockstar haven't actually specified which year this time, which did make us giggle.
Rockstar do offer their "apologies" for the, what is this? The 4th or 5th delay now? An extra $ 200,000 in-game cash will be given to those who have pre-ordered... If social media commentary is to be believed then this counts for nothing. A rather substantial amount of people are really not happy about the whole debacle, with many canceling or have already canceled their pre-order out of sheer frustration, some even admit they will turn to other means of acquiring the game. Constant delays are never good news for a game, even for one as high profile as GTA V that benefits from people buying it regardless just because "it's GTA". The loss of trust from loyal gamers and early pre-order purchasers could hurt in the long run. It's probably technically impossible to know just how many fans have actually canceled their order, though, and also how many were going to order but have since changed their mind.
There is somewhat of a silver lining to this news though, at least for the console gamers, as Heists for GTA Online are apparently on track for release on the 10th March, which is just a couple of weeks away now. Rockstar promise more updates about this and other unnamed "new features" over the next couple of weeks. Hopefully they don't delay the news updates too.
Here's some new screenshots showing action from heists:

gtav_02242015_1.jpg gtav_02242015_2.jpg gtav_02242015_3.jpg gtav_02242015_4.jpg gtav_02242015_5.jpg gtav_02242015_6.jpg gtav_02242015_7.jpg gtav_02242015_8.jpg gtav_02242015_9.jpg gtav_02242015_10.jpg gtav_02242015_11.jpg

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I have to say, didn't expect more and more release date push-backs, but it does bear out in Rockstar's latest admittance that they'll require and request user feedback regarding PC gaming problems, but this is also a normal avenue for console players as well. 

[As a rebut to Chris comments, I added some particulars of my own (prior to reading his statement) in my previous thread, where we BOTH bring up pre-order percentage, but it REALLY disturbs me when people will admit to pirating a game that NEEDS your support, you would NOT GET ANY PC GAMES if you continue to NOT SUPPORT your LOCAL GAME MAKER, which means, pay them for their work, you weak bast**ds!! DAMN! That's just wrong, no matter what your excuse!]



I just think despite all the head-scratching from Rockstar's secretive nature and expected public announcements, making a modern PC game release with an AAA title still has to be a daunting task for any game designer, and I personally would like games made over several years to support just as many hardware choices (for gaming hardware in PC in particular) but as noted, with Windows 10 looming, Direct X 12 will allow for some very advanced improvement if your hardware will truly support it!


Also as a note, I got this in some online trivia out of the blue, reminding you all, the original Microsoft Xbox name was 'Direct X Box', TRUE!

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GTA For-eva seems not to be derogatory if you think about it another way! Makes a great tattoo or bumper sticker?!?


I'll play Devil's Advocate here and say, Because the Housers do STILL helm Rockstar and signify Rockstar North, I think the pressure alone to do a PC version is still thanks to loyal fans input, remember that David Jones and DMA were the originators on PC, and I said this before based on the facts, Sam Houser is the game player of the two brothers, Dan Houser much more sparingly so.

That's why his interest in writing is seen in formulating the plot and side humor aspects, radio, signs, advertising and I believe non player characters aka NPC or Peds dialog.


Sam Houser grew up playing consoles, I can relate, a computer was still a tool for gaming if you're into gaming, but the consoles in effect are much more proficient in handling only games, and now as we know, general consumer entertainment devices based on common hardware functions, the birth of optical disc and Hard Drives used in both, the Internet commonality, the Memory much the same, and interfaces based on a software written 'GUI' adds things like media browsers in both PC and consoles.

The price difference is a major key that cannot be ignored either. 

This is how Rockstar's history plays out if you doubt what I've said before, just look at the basic facts of the company behind the game. The shake up of 2005 to 2015 for example over Hot Coffee means Rockstar Games of today is rather different in the roster of employees, but the secrecy they now hold onto is like nothing we'd seen in the history of DMA to Rockstar's evolution.


We already know what they're likely to say because they've held that line for a number of years, when the EDGE GTA4 magazine story was the most open they've been about development in the whole time under the Housers that I can remember.

I wish the folks at EDGE could coax another wonderful story about their progress, but I believe the major factor this time is in-house developing, for PC versions of GTA versus Max Payne, where the origin lies not with Rockstar North, so presumably there were other hands helping out in that edition, and for the consoles, Rockstar relied on Sony's expertise for completing just the console end on Playstation 3! 


We know of this being made public, but it's hard to tell what's going on behind the Iron Curtain nowadays with Rockstar, but I personally believe they've hired new blood to try and remedy the past's issues (with regard to PC for AAA Rockstar titles) BUT we await further news of Red Dead Redemption's successor and PC availability, and the move to Sony PS Vita is long in wanting as well!!

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