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BBC Producing Drama Based on the Making of Grand Theft Auto


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The BBC are producing a drama based on our beloved videogame series, Grand Theft Auto. The drama is going to be part of the BBC's Make It Digital initiative (press release and news article) in which it is pushing the UK to get more involved in the digital age, in particular helping young children to get involved with various aspects of computing, but also producing documentaries and other media.
There's not really any concrete details on the drama at the moment, but former Gamespot UK editor-in-chief Guy Cocker revealed on Twitter that he is involved with the project, and has said that it's a 90-minute drama focussing on the people who made the game, i.e. the Houser brothers. 

So "based on Grand Theft Auto" is a slightly hyperbolic line from the BBC, as it sounds more of a drama on the making of GTA, not about the game itself. Still, it will be interesting to see how this turns out. No word from the BBC on when it will air, other than the fact it will be on BBC Two, we'll let you know when we find out more details on that.

The BBC are famously neutral and overly politically-correct, perhaps to a fault sometimes, however it must be said that in general they actually have a fairly positive outlook on videogames. In 2013 prior to the release of Grand Theft Auto V, a report titled Grand Theft Auto: One of Britain's finest cultural exports? was published, which contained various points of view, seems to acknowledge the impact it's had on the world, and the UK's economy and culture.

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Again for the record, the original making of GTA was under the direction of David Jones and DMA; Direct Mind Access software.


Beforehand, their major claim to fame was Lemmings.


Also, should add the historical note that Sam Houser, lead of all Rockstar currently, it can still be assumed, has been on record already saying that the idea for a movie based around GTA's major premise has already been dismissed based on the evolution of the hardware and software permitting the actualization of major storylines themselves being the game's forte. The design implemented allowing user interaction with said story.


Early on however, Rockstar North WERE shopping a script in Hollywood to see about a companion film, however, the quality of gaming is far better now then it was a few short years ago!


It also appeared that no one was biting at the offering either, for some strange reason, because as it happened, several films were already made based around video game origins. I feel they likely did the best approach of fleshing out the characters that are key in the game, but I like others had some issues with what the plot content entailed, the torture scenes in particular was taking user participation in such dis-tasteful subject matter a bit too far. There ARE other ways to bring new things to video games, and playing a terrorist or someone who tortures is not one of them. You have to have lines.


I know this caused some argument here before, but let me give an interesting example... Sam Houser is also on record saying there would never be kids or animals in a GTA game, feeling there was no need and setting a limit on possible interactions that might seem unwarranted. That would include the critic's opinion concerning no morality in video gaming, and an anything-goes attitude. Just because you can, doesn't mean you should.... Creedo to live by, whether it's gaming or anything else!

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