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Wiki GTAO Mission synopsis guide


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Well, if you're like me, you might be getting on and off gaming or from one to another.... A refresher before jumping into GTAO missions might help in getting one caught up to speed, Rockstar more or less only offer a crash course before you're dumped headlong into competition.


I'd say that IGN is a good source you can probably trust.


If you'd like to add things to the thread as a guide for missions, don't use anything deemed a 'spoiler', setting up rules and some ideas about what to expect if you've also played the missions, offer only helpful tips for said missions, don't offer details that won't help gamers on average.


TIA about that. Also, no mission additions for GTA5 offline appear to be an effort although I thought if not a Stories addendum for GTA5, single player.... Stranger tasks seem an easy addition Rockstar could do to make more use of it's highly detailed map




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