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Retro Rockstar Origins

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The recent news of possible Rockstar North documentary and an earlier download I'd done and forgotten for their first big hit, thinking back to the book JACKED's details, I thought to offer yet another article to you gamer friends to ponder.


Offer hopefully here, your thoughts on this path to Rockstar's position in the gaming World today, 2015.

Back in 2001 the horrible events of the 9/11 terror attacks cast a shadow far and wide, not least of which was New York division of Rockstar finalizing GTA III.


Prior to this, the main point of this article; State Of Emergency


How do you think State of Emergency effected gaming and GTA, and Rockstar's path forward.

Reports early on is that it was a hit but forgotten among other events at the time, over-shadowed. I can't recall the whole of the events of the time, but just as GTA became a success, Vice City eclipsed GTA 3 in the fastest release schedule Rockstar has offered for the GTA franchise. I believe.


Weigh in with your thought....

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Found this later, after The Walking Dead season finale, BTW!....




Also a forum with user input pre SoE release in 2002, PS2.

The upshot was asking about State Of Emergency's worth as a purchase. GTA3 was used in comparison so I believe that release eclipsed SoE which I think I recall had controversy over content

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