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Your Favorite Actor/ Actress/Musician

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Watching some classic films as of late, films I felt even if they weren't of particular interest, I should see for their historical significance, last of which was 1965's Repulsion...  stark black and white Hitchcockian physicological thriller.


Did I spell that right? Before I was born, it would have REALLY scared me as a kid! That's for sure.

The other being The Grapes of Wrath, 1940 classic with a young Henry Fonda. This before the World was engulfed in the second World War and telling the TRUE story of America's terrible Dust Bowl effects, which helped to instigate the troubles in Germany since the US supported Germany partly after WW1.


I encourage all to see it.

I wouldn't say they're my all time favorites but for you guys in this thread, probably a LOT younger then me, what actors do you appreciate from the past 50 years? Your most favorite list?


I'd put Harrison Ford in mine, I was seeing a promo about his cameo in Anchorman 2, which I've yet to see. Obviously just recovering from his fateful plane crash, and lucky to be alive!

As for music, I like the combo choice I made some time ago; Pink Floyd and UFO, who of all their recorded efforts, nary a bad song among them! Desert Island stuff!

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I was REALLY pleased to see Betty White winning last night's TV LAND AWARDS 2015

LEGEND catagory. They also presented a montage to the late Joan Rivers. Two really amazing icons of pop culture, movies, and television. I didn't see all of the broadcast, but I have to say, there were a lot of stars who were in attendance!

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My top ten favorite actors:


10. Adam Sandler

9. Ben Stiller

8. John Travolta

7. Tom Selleck

6. Cameron Diaz

5. Jim Carrey

4. DJ Qualls

3. Eliza Dushku

2. Jessica Alba

1. Melissa John Hart

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Let me add a thought I had watching a porn star in a music video, one reason I admire Traci Lords... aka Norma Kudsma, IIRC, she got into the adult film industry at a rather siminal time and caused a major problem for that Industry, but leaving that and going legit is something VERY few have done, and I have to say, I have respect for her as a woman to be able to overcome such overwhelming odds to stay true to your vision of success, and not let others drag you down. Since she lied to get into adult and also caused major problems for the adult industry, there was a rumor that a death threat existed against her at one point (I think this was a Penthouse story I read) but despite all that, she's still in Entertainment today and one of the most known woman in adult film history! Kudos! haha

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