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Red Dead Redemption Rides into the sunset?!

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I don't know how to title this different then the main body of content, but RDR according to a Tweet email heads-up I got, says that RDR is up for it's 5 year anniversary, half a decade. 2010.... as well as the first sets of added value content, embellishing a game that some felt was too big for it's initial offering of things to do, a fairly vast map invited other additions and weapons as well as a complete new take with Undead Nightmare, nothing like that which has ever graced GTA as a franchise.


Rockstar San Diego did so well, most of us have clamored for another full sequel or prequel. It's also worth noting the general release (since it covers 2 years between consoles with additions) the game was supposedly in development for a few years before hand, perhaps dating back to 2005 in reality. 


It's been too long for me to recall the source, but it did also have some fall out where programmers wives of the SD branch had complained to the press about the horrible job hour pressures, which of course, we hope isn't something plaguing the programmers constantly for our benefit!


The bad press doesn't get discussed much because the GTAF stance has been not to offend Rockstar themselves, apparently I was told they got word from some of the staffers who guested at times or visited GTAF over their long history as a forum (forgive me in mentioning as well)


As a result the real story of how the games came to be remains clouded in rumor mostly, but we do know there's a clear evolution from Red Dead Revolver, which merely scratched the surface, and I'm excited to see how GTA and RDR can evolve as the tech just keeps getting better!!

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