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No Water at all, anywhere

Don't Drown, just Re-Spawn on a road

You'll Die Far less often


Difficulty: VERY EASY


To Add this Mod,  

1)Download "Waterpro.dat"

2)Replace "Waterpro.dat"  inside "\GTA3\data" with the Modded one.



To Play this Mod,

*Enjoy the freedom of Falling into the void, rather than Water.

*Never Drown Again!

*Now able to Travel on top of the Porter-Tunnel


For Other GTA3 Mods, Visit: http://allen.jonesinggames.com/mods


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Is it safe? haha

I ask that of all downloads and dental patients.


There was one of the most amazing glitches in GTA V where if you fell off into the water at times (only in multiplayer that I remember) you would sink to the ocean floor and never drown. You could walk back out of the water and sound would return IIRC, but you could also walk to the very depths of the 'ocean floor' which I nearly did, but it seemed as massive a gaming mountain as those on land! (it appears like real underwater mountains in many locations around the landmass. While using scuba gear exploring, the same thing basically, the shark showed up and attacked. I was able to avoid the shark in one instance where I swam away at speed and then up and down as fast as possible, changing depth, this seems to avoid a line of sight for the shark


Tips you can use. If anyone knows more about the water glitch, reply in GTAV section prefered. For GTA III, the water is the worst graphical element of the game, but at this time, Rockstar North had JUST formed from the ashes (to put it one way, not literally) of DMA. The team was not experienced at 3D improved graphics and by now with GTA5, they're just coming into their own (compared to other studios who were jumping on 3D before Rockstar/DMA were

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