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I was set to make a new topic, but this is still at the top, and always on my mind while I play GTAs, what is Rockstar planning as far as moving locations, the mech of the game changing, and mostly, how do they compete with Halo and Call of Duty to sweep the all time sales and record books!!!!!


Here's a site promising updates even, and it does detail....scrolling down, the process of game building Rockstar still seem to use, as it allows the map and story to congeal into a workable test and game 'gone Gold' IIRC, production ready for millions of fans and users to enter.....



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Ok, we know 2015 and 2016 are not likely to spawn a new Rockstar GTA, but perhaps by next year's end, some info about the next game will come to fore.... Let's take wagers on when that actual release date or first trailer for GTA NEXT might be!!

You can't really make a new Grand Theft Auto video game without considering the kind of multiverse that the other video games created. Having a game set in the late-2010s or the 2020s is OK but by the 2030s, shortages of fossil fuels will make driving cars almost impossible to do; let alone stealing cars to do criminal/terrorist style missions with.


And if you set a Grand Theft Auto video game too far into the future, you could end up with a post-apocalyptic Fallout/Mad Max hybrid that would be "Grand Theft Auto" in name only. And if you set the game in the 23rd century or later, you would have to create a "Grand Theft Auto" game that is set on multiple planets once civilization has cleaned up from the apocalypse and have rebuilt everything back up to scratch (or at least that's what The Game Theorist wants us to believe).

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and mostly, how do they compete with Halo and Call of Duty to sweep the all time sales and record books!!!!!


How about they don't try to compete with them? Sort of like how humans don't compete with slugs.


What I mean is for all time sales leader, not the best AI or best graphics, or even fun factor, which are all important, mind you.


As far as setting the game, it's evolving content status we've seen actually compliments changing topics as far as radio audio additions, where parody or satire is key for the underpinnings of GTA

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