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Reo Speedwagon loss... former guitarist Gary Richrath

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Passed away on Sunday, details not mentioned at the time, but it looks like from videos over a year ago, posted on YouTube, he was in poor health from the thin guy we knew in the band of the 80s, but still performing REO hits as noted in those videos you can find there. I believe part of the problem was just obesity <sp?> ...which is considered something of an epidemic in the USA, he seemed in worse shape then Foreigner's Lou Gramm, who was also close to death at one point, but still with us!



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I'm going to add this find with some additional info, forgive my appending double post, hopefully, as always, not offending.....


This death is tragic, despite some mean comments posted before he died here, one person thinks it's a number of health issues and not just drinking, but could certainly have given him liver disease.

One site reports he was in the care of a doctor at the time of his passing....



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