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  1. 1. In what year will people stop using cursive writing?

    • Before 2020
    • Between 2021-2030
    • Between 2031-2040
    • Between 2041-2050
    • After 2050
    • People will always use cursive writing

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Come on, people. This is 2015. Why do people in the fifth grade need to learn how to write in cursive anymore? We should be teaching people how to program robots or learn the delicate art of the Mandarin language instead. Even if these kids can't find robot programming jobs or jobs in the Chinese/Taiwanese embassy right away, we don't need kids to learn some fancy writing that they end up using only for signatures anyway.


I know a little bit of cursive writing but only enough to write my first and last name. If I get married someday and have to adopt my wife's last name, I would be fucked because all I know how to do in cursive is either "Ryan VanGoethem" or "Ryan R. VanGoethem."


My mom and my Grandma use cursive more than I do and I can read their cursive writing but most of the time, I just second guess with some of the letters.

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