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The War in Syria and mass Exodus

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Your thoughts on the current migration crisis, and in the USA, debates that are very heated also concerning immigration reform.


What does the future hold for you and your families....?? A lot of young people are gaming types, but you don't like to spend a lot of time with real world frustrations, I know myself, I used to HATE politics with a passion, but during the current election Stateside, it's been the most interesting race for the 2016 Presidency in our lifetime in fact!!


Since the Syria and surrounding crisis does appear related to ISIS / ISIL, what are your thoughts on that front? I can see regular folk wishing to escape any and all conflict, but the war against them must be fought, and Russia's hand is not all that appreciated, and how to deal with military threats in Korea, China, and Russia, Syria, the Middle East.... looking for your input, and feelings on the matter, if they change at all, post here why they have

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The best way to deal with the threats you mentioned is first to have a military that is so strong and advanced, we don't have to use it because no one will risk having to fight it; and second, it has to be believed that we would use our military to its fullest extent if we or our allies are attacked in any way.


We still have the first bit, but not the second. And the first is being downgraded fast.


As for the refugees, why are they all young males? Where are the old people, the children, the women?? I mean, there are some, but the vast majority--like 70-80 percent--of the "refugees" are young men. It should be the opposite of that(70% women, children, and elderly), because those young men should be back there fighting for their homes and loved ones, or at the very least, trying to make sure the women and children can escape. Instead it looks like they bugged out and left the rest to their fates....and that's assuming this isn't actually an invasion masquerading as a flood of refugees. Notice none of the wealthy, stable Islamic countries(like the UAE) are taking any of these "refugees" in. Wouldn't you think they would take at least some of them? Why wouldn't they try to help their own people?

Maybe because they don't need any help, because they're invaders, not refugees.


I dunno. None of this sits right with me.,

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I assumed I'd gotten no response as this forum doesn't have any real active threads at all anymore, but in response to the last post directly, and forgive the delay....


Donald Trump is 6 months that much closer to being the President of the United States. I've heard no gamers talking about their feelings one way or the other, but as to militaristic might, Trump has come out with one more brash statement about Geopolitics where most sane people think military ways and warring won't ever come to much good, if any, of course, DEFENSE is key...


I think there are those directly effected who feel Trumps comments back them whereas with downsizing anything seems bad.


He proposes nuclear weapons be held as a deterrent but not to actually use in a Nuclear War (WWIII???)

Who really is mad enough to propose that option on the table, a reality??


I think Trump's wrong on that point, but how much IS TOO MUCH? Good question. A war waged by individual radicalized groups rather then armies is the biggest threat that can cause mayhem anytime anyplace

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