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Back To The Future, last week! hahaha


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October 21st, 2015.....


Back to the Future came about this past week, and much humor was gleaned as a result, and I loved it! I feel along with Indiana Jones and Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, you cannot deny the iconic culture status that Bob Zemekis' and Bob Gale's genius for Hollywood movie making, not only that but have to include Jurassic Park and even The Terminator into movie series beloved World wide.



In case you blinked though, you might have missed it.... 

radio here in USA, Minnesota, a lot of stations touched on the subject.


In the odd real person comedy A Million ways to Die in the West with Seth McFarlane playing the rare comedic lead, he walks through the Western setting town at night when he happens on a barn lit up at night, in it is Doc Emmett Brown and the iconic (one of them, anyway) DeLorean covered in a tarp while hiding the time machine, it's a great comic tie in to be honest, but just happened to be airing on HBO the past month or so, while the reprized characters included Michael J. Fox on Jimmy Kimmel to close out the historic day, if you missed it, hopefully it's airing on streaming media for you to catch again,,, going 'back in time'! hahaha

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At least in the Back to the Future version of 2015, annoying websites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram don't exist. But on the other hand, Wikipedia and YouTube don't exist in the BTTF universe so that the young people in that timeline are still dependent on the public school system for the knowledge.

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