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[PC][LSPDFR] LSER - Emergency Roleplay Clan **LSPDFR Online**

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Los Santos Emergency Roleplay


Welcome to LSER. We are a GTA V - PC Clan. We operate on our own private servers using the GTA V Co-Op mod. Therefore, we are able to use the official LSPDFR modification in "multiplayer."  We use custom vehicle models, LSPDFR, and some additional mods. Above all, we are professional, strive for realism, and are dedicated to our work. With the multitude of mods and changes always coming to GTA V, we will always be trying new mods and working towards new experiences. Find Opportunity Here.


Apply Here: lserclan.wordpress.com/apply/





Roleplay Divisions


Los Santos Police Department


Los Santos Fire Department


Los Santos Emergency Medical Services


Dispatch Operations


Administrative Divisions




Human Resources





- LSER Human Resources Team

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