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candy suxxx posters easter eggs

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tommy's mansion, you can see some pictures of candy suxxx having sex with colonel juan cortez, at what point in the history of the game occur these pictures ?, why steve Scott and tommy vercetti decided to take these photographs? , why tommy has those pictures in their mansion ?, and because there is a signed photo?, tommy likes to masturbate while watching this pictures?, why rockstar decided to do it that way ?, those pictures left traumatized me, I always wanted to see tommy vercetti had sex with candy suxxx, not the colonel cortez.

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Since there's not much posting lately, I'll addendum your bizarre observation with a reminder, this is Rockstar, who thought Hot Coffee might be a good idea. However, not to be outdone with sexist-sexy references... Matt Hoffman or someone (IIRC) was to have a bicycle motocross game called BMXXX released, the idea was nixed rather late in the game ... so to speak, as I recall.


I'm not sure where in the Mansion you speak of, having not played Vice in so long. I have gone back to SA and GTA 4, as well as Episodes, which I only dabbled in so I could prolong the shorter games, and given the wait time for GTA6, it's paid off in terms of leaving unplayed game left in the older series.


The actress of X, and old... Jenna Jamison, (SP?) who provided inspiration and voice for Vice City, her personal life with her ex boyfriend/husband and his new GF-fiance, whatever the situation... is as bizarre as anything making the Globe or National Enquirer stateside tabloids.


Shame I think, though it's somewhat common place to see celebs acting strange these days....when they're not busy working (Charlie Sheen for example)

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