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Season Six; Negan The Walking Deader...

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It's been too long since we've chatted about The Walking Dead, seems last post was about last season, in fact! I hoped we'd get some of the same comments and thoughts that GTAF gets on the really popular shows.... at the very least.


When I noted that Steven Ogg was debuting last night on The Walking Dead, I thought there's nearly no better 'world' for his like to operate in as a variation on GTA 5's Trevor Philips!!


I wondered who even noticed since the Talking Dead with Chris Hardwick failed to mention him! Damn, I'm flabbergasted about that.


On the show you had Scott Gimple and creator Robert Kirkman give aiding insight into what Season 6 represents and a perhaps, major turning point in the series thus far. Kirkman suggests even, that the series could continue for seasons to come, making it sound like a long near 10 year run for the Walking Dead original series could happen. I recall Scott G or someone else detailing that an end for it had already been thought out, that the comics and TV series would align at certain points and perhaps end at the same juncture.


That's anyone's guess... As is who of Rick's group paid the ultimate price for interfering with the Saviors and the Hilltop Community's unsavory relationship. What we do know is that both Rick's group and Hilltop Community with 'Jesus', they're not very scary people surviving at the end of the day, they know they have to fight hostiles and they battle that morality all the time, of which we see Carol struggling most this season, so it seems.

I am already convinced, and I'll say I'd bet that the one in our group since season 1 to finally be dispatched is non other then..... (SPOILER ALERT..... or is it??)


I'm convinced since the show aired that it's our group's leader, although others at GTAF pointed out the Cliffhanger ending was a major disappointment for them, not for me.

Kirkman mentioned clues as to who is dispatched from Our Group... and I think those clues were references to Carl more then anyone else, and obviously asking who the group's leader is. Others (that other forum I wish to remain nameless) mentioned that the lead protagonist cannot die in a series.... that's illogical from a writer's standpoint anyway, the idea of suspense and challenging your readers... or viewers, is that you expect one thing, and get another. SURPRISE!!

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Hello??? Anyone there watching The Walking Dead, Fear the Walking Dead????!!


I know posting to my own post is not kosher, but so is missing Trevor's acting debut in person, GTA 5 Celeb on the hottest TV series in years!!

Are you all SLEEPING or what?


Oh, and I will start up threads for the new Game of Thrones season and Fear TWD on AMC - HBO.


If you don't have cable or DVD access, I can forgive you, I guess

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