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For the past couple of years now a very talented mod team has been working to bring Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories to the PC. Yesterday, the team released the third beta of their mod, codenamed "Blue Hesper". Utilizing in-house tools, the team has been able to port the second half of Vice City as well as the first chapter of missions, pedestrians, vehicles and weapons from their original Vice City Stories files. While the modification is built on the PC version of San Andreas, it has been heavily modified by the team to add new features and fix old outstanding problems with the engine.

As with anything, there are bound to be a few pesky bugs once something is in the wild. If you come across an issue, please report it to the team. As issues are fixed, updates will be released via the in-game updater. With that said, we highly encourage everyone with a copy of San Andreas to check out the mod as soon as possible. The VCS PC Edition team has certainly raised the quality bar for total conversion mods and they are well on their way of obtaining their goal to fully create a PC version of Vice City Stories just as if Rockstar had created it themselves.

You can visit the official website which gives a number of details about what exactly is included in Beta 3. Already convinced and want jump right in and play? You can download the mod directly from us or one of the mirrors on the mod's ModDB page.


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