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San Andreas Given AO Rating!


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Yeah in England it's pretty easy to go into any shop and buy a game you aren't supposed to be allowed. I've done it before.

Hell, I bought Carmageddon 2, one of the goriest and controversial games of its time when I was about 11, 7 years underage. That was at EB by the way.

No wonder you act the way you do.. :P j/k

@ Xenon: Only american soccer moms and baseball dads worry about this kind of shit. That's why I play Football. ( Rugby with pads )

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I don't care because im 18  B) anyway most shops sell the games to under 18 anyway

Is not your age what matters, is the fact that the game is going to be removed from mayor retail stores so it will be difficult for you to get it, most retailers dont sell AO games doesnt matter if you are 10 or 50, they just dont put them in stores (at least in America)

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Hey, it's me.

I could talk for hours about how stupid age ratings are, but i won't. The simpl etruth of the matter is that age ratings make minimal dfference in how accessable games are to children. My parents wouldn't let me buy SA after my idiot little brother went on a rampage in VC with my mum in the room, so I just bought if off a friend for £20. I play it and my paretns assume its VC.

But anyway, read this article. It bascially sums up how stupid this whole affair is.

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