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Funny story

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This happened a long time ago, but I just rememberd it.

(This has something to do with it:) I also had this in GTA 3,

when I got on top of a car, when I had 1 star, the Police

were too lazy to get on top of the car where I was at,

and instead of bashing at the car, he shot me,

probably because he couldn't get up the car,

while I didn't even had 2 or more stars. But now the funny story:

I was sailing in my boat, I don't know wich one, but however,

I crashed on the Golfers Islands and for some reason my boat was laying

upside down. So I got of the boat, (It didn't explode) and started walking aroud.

I found a group of golfers, so I smacked one.

The whole gang came (As expected) after me,

and I ran to my upside down-boat wich still was laying there.

I jumped on it, and the golfers didn't smack me with their golf-clubs,

all of the sudden they had guns, and shot me like in GTA 3!? :wtf:

This REALLY happend, and I would like know if this ever happend to you guys.

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I had it again. I don't know if it important, but maybe it'll help.

I just sailed my boat on to the island, waited until there where

some golfers, smacked them, jumped on the boat where they

couldn't catch me, and all of the sudden they have guns.

It's hard to flee on the island, because it is really small,

and the golfers will chase you with their guns.

I hope somebody will make a lot of screenshots, because it'll look funny.

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