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The Blue Horizon Casino

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Welcome to the Blue Horizon Casino, the finest gambling hall and lounge on the forums. You will find several games here, along with an experienced staff and a great way to make a quick buck. This is the perfect place to use all that forum cash you have from posting.



Welcome to the casino's first and most famous attraction, the Blue Horizon Lottery. Anyone can purchase a ticket for $100. When you make your purchase, please choose a number between 1-1,000, and please send your order to "The Blue Horizon Casino". Drawings will be held each Saturday, and whoever has the closest number will win a $200 prize (that's winnings of 200%).

Current bidders:

High Rollers Lotto

Here is CrazyChicken17 in our private high rollers room with the rules for the game:

This is different from the lotto in that the numbers are drawn after a certain amount of players, not time. There are six numbers, five players. The players pay $500. The prize is $2300. If the sixth number is drawn, all the money (all $2500) is carried over to the next round. The 'profit deduction' will always be $200, regardless of how many times the money has been carried over.

Current bidders:

None at the moment, ladies and gentlemen.


To participate in the slots, send the appropriate amount of money to The Blue Horizon Casino. Attach a PM saying which slot machine you are using, and which number you bet on. If you choose the correct number, you will receive the money via PM. Slots are one-player games, and are run entirely through PM. Do not post about the slots in this topic.

The Slot machines you can use are:

Low Price: $25. Payout: $50. Numbers: 1-5

Mid Price: $50. Payout: $150. Numbers: 1-10

High Price: $150. Payout: $500. Numbers: 1-25


Ladies and Gentlemen, we will form time to time hold betting on various important forum events. You may bet at these odds:

2-1 (Your bet will be multiplied by two if you win, but also if you lose.)

3-1 (Your bet will be multiplied by three if you win, but also if you lose.)

4-1 (Your bet will be multiplied by four if you win, but also if you lose.)

Current bets are:

None at the moment, ladies and gentlemen.

Current Event:


The Staff:

Casino Owner/Manager: Crazychicken17

We are currently recruiting. There are two open positions at the moment, you will be paid according to the Casino's income.

Thank you for choosing the Blue Horizon Casino, and we hope you enjoy your stay.

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Because this way it's much easier to manage the money, seeing as the money the Casino earns, and the money we earn from other things, like posting and the arcade, remain clearly seperate, thus making it easier to give all Sopranos members a fair share of the profits. Plus, it acts like a gang bankn account. Now, you have three choices, spasmod:

  • Make a bet here
  • PM your comments and suggestions.
  • Shut up.

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Well, now that Biggy's leaving, I guess I'll be running it now? Biggy, if you're going to shut down the Sopranos, at least don't shut down this casino.

The casino stays and you now run it. Oh yeah, and CC, come to GTADiscussion. The Sopranos are still running over there.

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