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what kinds of weapons you want in the next gta

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Lets see what my evil mind can come up with... :evil:


Sticky Granade

Granade Launcher

Rock ( you find one and throw it on someone )

Chain - choke people with it


Minigun mounted on cars


Nuke - i doubt it

Spork - To pluck their eyes out >:D

Bucket of Acid

Nail Gun

2x4 with rusty nails

Thats about it for now...

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They should have different guns in different ammunations and there should be a HUGE variety of them. Think of all the war games, both historical (WW2, vietnam) and modern (ghost recon etc) and thier huge range of guns and imagine them in a GTA game. Also, possibly an ability to mod the weapons ie add scope, increase magazine size, add laser poiter etc.

as for melee weapons, well, they should make heaps of em.. like;: axes, swords (like medieval and crazy chinese ones) nunchucks and other crazy weapons as well as more mundane itams like pitchforks etc

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Catcher, no frolicking gun mods. In GTA SA they tried to add car modding into the game, how crappy did that turn out? But I do agree with WW2 and vietnam guns, loved the M60 in vice. Anyhoo, here are some guns I want

-Meelee weapons like the ones in vice (hammer, butcher knife, etc)

-Revolvers like Colt Python, but not as powerful

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remote controlled missle. umm......well any other guns they can think of and i was really dissapointed in the lack of tool weapons in SA. they should add like a huge store (bigger than home depot) and name it after vice city's buncha tools or screw this. and offer all the tools you can think of like 2x4s or pushing lawn mowers. and toooooooooooons of random house objects like chairs or bottles or anything. just add hundreds of more stuff that you can hold and have the option 2 smoke or dring by controll and they should add a new fighting style wresling wwe smackdown style :thumbsup:

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Hey all,

I think you should be able to pick up things of the ground such as,twigs,pots,pans,and etc.

Yes that would be great. How about like like if a car door falls off you can throw it? :gappy:

There is this game called syphon Filter 4 and for ps2 and it has over 120 weapons. I learned alot about weapons I never even heard of.

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i also think a tool shop like 'screw this' from vc would be good. Also, it'd be good to pick up bits of 2x4 or a piece of wood with a rusty 9" nail through it. Bricks from building sites would be good, you could throw them much like grenades, but with no explosion, so it's feasable, can't stop laughing at the cocept of brickin' someone right in the head, or through their car window...

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i think the next GTA should focus on and fix "AMMUNATION". If you look in GTA VC and GTA SA there are like TONS of weapons on the wall, like 70 or somthing. well they should make every gun useable....why put them if you cant use them. also you should be able to buy just AMMO and other stuff like camo outfits and stuff. It would also be cool to buy scopes, lasers, and flashlights for your riffls, smg's or pistols.

Some guns they should defently add are...

Mp5-A5, Steyre AUG, M4A1, Sg 552, FN P90, Ak-47, Mac-10, isreali Uzi, Steyr TMP, Mp7, G36c, M16, Ak-74, Spas 12 Shotgun, Sawed-off shotgun, M3 shotgun, Desert Eagle, Colt 45., colt 45. silenced, USP, USP silenced, and alot more but those are sick ones....

Now most importantly sniper rifles, i love sniper riffles and i was VERY upset they only had one in GTA SA.. THEY NEED P-Sg1, M40, Svd Dragonuv, L-96, M-14 Barett M82 and G3-Sg1.

For explosive stuff they need Satchel Charges, Grenades, Cocktailes, RPG, Stinger Missle Launcher, possable a grenade launcher to go the bottom of guns if you buy it, pipe bombs, C4.

i know people are syaing , what is this counter strike or GTA but weapons are a big part of the game. Cars and guns are the most important things i think. now if they have all these guns and all the cars that are hoped for this game will be so kickass. !!!! i have billions of more ideas but i wont type them ALL

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Use tactical killing, kill by train. Be able to tie them up drive em around. Choose a death method. Special tools- wood chipper- acid pool, etc. Make it more assasine like. Hangin people throwing them over bridges-

NOOSE, SPEAR, OR TRIDENT like on Anchorman. Own Slaughter Houses. Maybe One or Two Nukes Hidden on Military base and are hard to get to and get out.

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I think you should be able to pick up things of the ground such as,twigs,pots,pans,and etc.

like having sticks and stuff that you can pick up near a tree or something.

This a bitt far fetch idea but maby you they should putt a option that at a millitary base you can lauch a rocket and can show wich coordinatas , hmmm. scrap that. Ow, if they are gonna do a hydra or something, the missiles should definnetly do more damage. other stuff

  • a crossbow
  • stun grenades or sleeping grenades
  • a stone to pick up
  • water so one can fall:)
  • stationary mini-gun
  • bigger boom for satchel charger (don't know how to spell)
  • and that nuclier bom was a good idea

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M4 with M203A1 GL

FN F2000



Beretta 92FS (M9 Beretta)

Glock 17



HK MP5A4 (The one in San Andreas did not have the butt fixed, which makes it look crappy. MP5A4 is the standard issue for SWAT assault teams)

AKS-74SU - Baby AK

M249 SAW for machineguns

Bayonets! (So, in a death fight, you can kill those thugs by sticking a 20CM long knife. It's located on the far tip of the weapon, preferably a rifle.

I just hope they got the rate-of-fire right.

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