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Your GTA4 location ideas


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Eh, Manila would suck, i ain't even going to come up with a gta name for the city.

a gta name for Manila???

Probably Harbour city..or Baynila

Also Macau dude is a nice location too...ive been there its booming like

las vegas. the difference its not dry it is surronded by water

Cotai strip.

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Yeah man, that's some nice names you know. Macau would be nice, and I like the fact that it's surrounded by water. Also, a pretty cool city for GTA IV would be Cambodia, Phnom Penh, it's a mystical city with a little bit over 2 million people. It may look a little bit peaceful but under the surface it is a place filled with crime you know. The crime rate is pretty damn high there, especially street crime, and it's pretty damn easy for criminals to get their hands on military weapons and explosives.

Here's one picture, it's not much but you can find much larger ones on the web, here's a big one: Cambodia, Phnom Penh

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Blood City is a ok name for Philidelphia.

Blood city? i think that's o good name for philadelphia, knowing that this city has the highest murder rates last year

so it would be relevant to make philadelphia as the location of GTA4,

"Philadelphia experienced its highest murder rate in over a decade in 2006, with 406 murders in the city. Philadelphia, a city of 1.5 million, has more total murders than any other city in the country, including Chicago, Los Angeles, Houston, and New York City which have larger populations"

Wow those are high murder rates our capital city Brisbane has 1.8 million ppl and wouldnt have that high mrder rate. Also one of those pics of Mexico frm the Business District looked great

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How about Bangkok? I don't think we've been talking about that one you know. Bangkok would be a great location for a game like GTA, it's the capital city of Thailand and it has an enormous population with over 10 millions of people. The city is also one of the fastest growing and economical cities in South-East Asia. Bangkok has pretty much of everything you know, condemned buildings, skyscrapers, magnificent tempels and palaces. And the crime rate is very high in Bangkok, oh yeah.

Take a look at these pictures --> Pictures of Bangkok

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Haha, man I didn't think of that... Yeah what's going to be on the freaking radio... Oh man, I got no idea about that 2003 :P But R* are experts you know, they know what they're doing so IF it's going to be Bangkok (Bangcock) then I'm pretty damn sure it's going to be great you know, but personally if I was the producer of the game I would have been thinking... What the... Shit, I forgot about the radio stations :P

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