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Play Super Mario Bros free online without downloading

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To day you can play Super Mario Bros free online without downloading on: https://supermario-bros.co a browser game.
Super Mario Bros is a speed-running game developed and released by Nintendo in 1985. In this game, you need to control a plumber Mario to save Mushroom Princess right now!!! The Mushroom Princess is being held captive by the evil Koopa tribe of turtles.
Move across the stage while avoiding hazards like enemies and pits with the help of powers like Super Mushroom, Fire Flower and Starman.

The game is built around a succession of side-scrolling stages loaded with opponents ranging from mushroom-like Goombas to deadly Koopa Troopas. The levels are situated in various locations, some of which are dungeons and others which are above ground, and include clashes against Bowser impersonators at the end of castle levels. A Mushroom Kingdom citizen informs Mario or Luigi that the princess is at another castle after the pretender is defeated. The game is finished when the actual Bowser is defeated and Princess Toadstool is rescued.

Completed Super Mario Bros game in 4 minutes and 55 seconds, this's a new world record for beating Nintendo's 1985 classic Super Mario Bros.

Twitch-based streamer Niftski completed this perfect performance on April 7 with a time of just 4 minutes 54 seconds 948 milliseconds in the "Any%" category, thereby beating the previous world record. that in February by Miniland about 282ms. The "Any%" category allows players to take advantage of various bugs or tricks to defeat the last boss Bowser and finish the game in the fastest time.
Niftski was also the first gamer to complete the game in less than 4 minutes and 55 seconds. The world records related to Super Mario Bros game are counted in milliseconds because very few people can make a big distance from other competitors. However, improving game completion times down to milliseconds is not easy.
The title for the first time under 5 minutes for this game was set in 2010. But it took 11 years for a player to improve 5 seconds early. That's why completing the game in 4 minutes and 55 seconds seems to be an impressive record.
According to Niftski, he has no intention of stopping here and still wants to break new records in the future.

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