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GTA Trilogy Tribute

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There have been many videos dedicated to GTA made over the past few years. Some of them bad, some of them pretty good. Jordan Liles, webmaster of PlanetGTA was kind enough to show me his latest production before he released it, and I thought it looked great already. Jordan has released the final version of it today, entitled "GTA Trilogy Tribute", I think it's the best video he's made to date.

Rockstar Games started a video game revolution with the release of Grand Theft Auto III. However, few knew what else they had in store. While 2001 brought GTA III, 2002 brought Vice City, a game that almost all critics claim was a game that was monstrously better than III. Then, Rockstar's ace marketing machine released a magazine at E3 2004, revealing their final plans for this mega-trilogy that will go down as one of the most successful of all time...

Download the video at Fileplanet (you'll need an account there).

Post your comments and let everyone know what you thought of it.

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