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Hello remember Transformers the Game????, there is mods of that but only there is only the Decepticon Drones, Bumblebee, Jazz and the Decepticon Movie Cast..


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Can someone can make the DFF models of:

. 2007 Camaro Bumblebee

.Optimus Prime

. Ratchet

. Ironhide

. Starscream

. G1 Megatron

. G1 Starscream

Everyone in High Res and Robot mode pleaseee...

I will give Credits for it, Thanks for Your Attention

Here the Folder with the TXD Textures:

162831457_Bumblebee072007.txd 2046387687_G1MegatronMovie.txd 2022990085_G1StarscreamMovie.txd 678072984_Ironhide2007.txd 1356377790_OptimusPrime2007.txd 1133404269_Ratchet2007.txd 280940855_RobovisionOptimusPrime2007.txd 2084741080_Starscream2007.txd

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I forget something
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