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Favourite Song On Vice City

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turn up the radio - autograph

I just died in your arms tonight - cutting crew 3rd Fav

two tribes - frankie goes to hollywood

cars - gary numan

out of touch - hall and oates

never too much - luther vandross 1st Fav

wanna be startin' something - michael jackson

billie jean - michael jackson

broken wings - mister mister

lifes what you make it - talk talk

africa - toto 2nd Fav

crocketts theme

dance hall days - wang chung

bark at the moon - ozzy osbourne

act like you know - fat larrys band

and finally 'more than this' - roxy music

so many good songs, though. The greatest videogame soundtrack ever.

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Al-Naafiysh (The Soul) - Haskim, real nice, just listen to the beats. Grandmaster Flash - The Message, I mean the text is real funny but also kinda true, life's hard you know. Now Wildstyle isn't my favourite radio station but they sure have some nice songs you know. But who can forget Crockett's Theme - Jan Hammer, it's probably the best one but I think that Vice City has a great soundtrack, the best soundtrack in any GTA, all the songs are great in their own ways.

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my favourite song in Vice City is from the Foreigner, a song called:


the lyrics are so cheesy, but easy listening and it's feel so good when you listen to it while cruisin' around :lol:

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